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The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary

"Love Knows No Distance"

Choir of Angels Inspirational 

44 Card Collection (4" x 6")

Choir of Angels Inspirational Collection

First Choir of angels




Second Choir of angels




Third Choir of angels




This beautiful work of art collection was created to help those seeking inner peace, comfort and a better understanding, of how these loyal celestial beings stay close to us during our lifetime journey.  

You may want to select an Angel a day as a simple reminder that you are guided and loved.  On the back of each card is a word with its meaning connected with the angel selected. following that is an enlightening thought, offering you inspiration and comfort throughout your day.  There is also a special little gift included! 

Suggestions of where to place this inspirational collection of Angels could be; churches; healing centers; grief groups; hospitals; hospices and nursing homes.  Also, those who are feeling alone in life, would benefit from them.

A beautiful gift for all occasions for both adults and children.

In gratitude, handle the Choir of Angels collection with faith in your heart, as God and the Angels speak to you.

As Mother Teresa stated in one of her many quotes:  "There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter."

Allow the Angels to light your way...

Gloria Weichand is the Author of the Choir of Angels Collection.  She also authored all prayer cards...