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The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary

"Love Knows No Distance"

"Little Signs From Heaven"

A Children's Book

"Little Signs From Heaven" A Children's Book

The death of a loved one for a child is very difficult for them to understand.  They become sad and confused whether they are missing the physical presence of their loved one or even the concept that the person is no longer here.  It is so important that we comfort them by explaining the gift from God of eternal life. 

For a child, the most comfort can come from education, providing a clearer understanding of the many different signs sent to us from God and loved ones in spirit.  This became our mission.

Every picture and sign painted in this inspirational children's book, represents the strong love and bond that was shared in life and will continue long after a loved one passes...and it also includes a removable sign.

I wrote this with the intention to help parents, caregivers, teachers and others, share these beautiful gifts of signs with children.

In collaboration with Artist Teri Greenway, our hope is that it brings children acceptance and peace, knowing that all loved ones are just a thought or whisper away.

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